Below are four of the fourteen ingredients used in our Bonsai Soil Mix.  Some can be found locally, some are harder to find. Most are offered in bulk sizes too large for the average bonsai hobbyist.
We offer them in one pound increments except for Horticultural Charcoal, which is very light for its volume. It is sold by the quarter-pound.
The photos below are to show the particle size of each item

b198 b76 b38

We are now offering "Bulk Pricing Discounts" on orders of 25 pounds or more of ONE product.
Orders of less than 25 pounds of ONE product using the "Bulk Prices" will be adjusted to a lower weight of the product.

B198 Turface - Per Pound $ 0.89
B198B Turface - (25 Lbs. or more, 1/3 off Per Pound) $ 0.60
B75 #2 Gravel - Per Pound $ 0.49
B75B #2 Gravel - (25 Lbs. or more, 20% off Per Pound) $ 0.39
B76 #3 Gravel - Per Pound $ 0.49
B76B #3 Gravel - (25 Lbs. or more, 20% off Per Pound) $ 0.39
B38 Horticultural Charcoal - Per Quarter Pound $ 0.99